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specifically designed for 40+ women cyclists

cycling training to Climb stronger, ride farther, faster


Since 2020 I’ve coached 100+ (peri)menopausal athletes aged 40-80 to slay their cycling goals and embark on their dreams by getting stronger, climbing faster, and riding longer too.

Which led me to…. be interviewed on podcasts  (Fuel Your Strength and Tea-Time) and magazine articles like these two in before launching our own subscriber only podcast!

I’m not just a coach, I’m also a competitive cyclist, and racing at a top level since 2009.

Traveling around the US to compete in road, time trial, stage races, criteriums, gravel races, and track racing on the velodrome. I’m training the same way I coach our athletes with notable results:

🥈2023 - 2nd place at UCI Master’s World Track Championship in the Points Race

🥇 2019- National Champion at USAC Master’s Track Championships.

When I turned 39, I started experiencing extreme fatigue, the kind that left me feeling like I need to use tape to hold my eyelids open.

I’ve always been the kind of person who is wide awake after one cup of coffee, but this was different.

This damaged my cycling training, my sleep, and my career working and leading at an indoor cycling studio.

The more I researched, the more I realized… NONE OF US 40-something women athletes KNOW ABOUT THIS PERIMENOPAUSE SHIT.

I began to research more about perimenopause. I read in “Roar” by Selene Yeager and Dr Stacy Sims that I was experiencing the fatigue associated with perimenopause and there was something I could do about it! 

I took what I'd learned and put it into practice the very thing we specialize in...using clarity of my own training data and subjective experience, and it’s time for more women cyclists over 40 to gain back their cycling, and athletic identities with our secret weapon style of training.

You are an athlete if you’re training on purpose.